Toward Eliminating Bias in Hiring

How do you think we can reduce bias in calling and hiring?

The Episcopal Herald

Equal compensation and opportunity in employment for minorities and women should be as American as baseball and apple pie. Would that they were as Episcopal as the 8 o’clock Rite One, stoles at justice marches, and swag in the Exhibit Hall!

Biased hiring processes are not simply a justice issue for the those who suffer the consequences of bias. They are detrimental to the mission of the Church, and they rob the Body of the gifts poured upon God’s people by the Holy Spirit. How good that we are talking about concrete ways to address this issue!

The Constitution and Canons Committee will take up resolution D026, seeking to help the Episcopal Church to eliminate bias in hiring and deployment through proposed changes to canons I.17 and III.1.2. The resolution expands the protected classes, and it imbeds prohibitions to discrimination in employment in canons related to the ministry of…

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